** It's gonna be a naked Fall, Y'all! **

Piewise that is...

The chicks'll keep their feathers on
but they ain't gonna be in the kitchen.
Diva Mama's too busy packin' up the Charlotte
Hen House and tending to her new Nest!

Now don't lay an egg and pitch a fit.
We'll post a schedule early next year, and y'all,
it ain't that far away whether we like it or not!
You're gonna have to make it through the
holidaze without pies so don't go losin'
track'o supper time while you're stuffin'
your own stocking at Neiman's! ;)

Y'all be good now, ya hear!
We'll see ya in 2019!

New to the Coop!

Donna McMillan of Uncommon Threads
has made the cutest Diva Mama Aprons to
keep yer feathers from gittin' all messed up!
So go ahead and put on your finest to
flap around the kitchen, and order up an
apron with yer next pie! 

If you wanna order an apron, and they make the cutest darn gifts, you can pick BLACK, RED, WHITE or ANIMAL PRINT. (Yes, I know my white is yellow, but if I made that white, you couldn't see it, haha!) The prints will vary on the red and white depending on what Miss Donna has in stock, but they'll always be a combo of the Diva's signature colors. That sassy animal print is always in-stock and black is black. The earring bling on the Diva is too darn cute, right! We all need our jewels! Just tell the Diva when you call to git yer pie order in that you need an apron or two and she'll get it tended to.

If you wanna see what else Miss Donna is whippin' up in her coop go check her out on her WEBSITE, or your favorite social: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, or TWITTER! She's also got an ETSY shop! And y'all, she does custom stuff too, so give her a shout on Facebook for that info.

Ok, y'all keep your peepers on the lookout
for a special Pie/Apron DEAL comin' up soon!
We'll post it on this here blog when she's got it
all planned out,  so y'all come back now, ya here!
Now check out the calendars to see when things
are cookin' in the coop!

Wanted y'all to notice the wee
price increase listed in the sidebar.
It's the first time ever that the 
Diva has been forced to raise her prices!
She's held the Rooster with the calculator
back as long as she could, but the receipts were
the proof in the puddin' pie.  It ain't much,
so no cluckin' about it... we're sorry,
but it had to be done.
Here's that front page delivery schedule so you can

Don't forget to 
include your location with your order
and if'n you need giftwrap!
Include your cell 
and take the Diva's with ya: 704.806.5120

Have your pie delivered straight to yer door for a small delivery charge of $10.
Any day but cookin' day and most Charlotte locations! 

You can fetch yer pie @ Diva Mama's Hen House Freezer (in the garage y'all) for free! That's right, the Diva ain't gonna charge you a thing to come fetch yer pie!

Pick yer most convenient location and include it with your pie order!

Here's the Delivery Schedule!

HICKORY TAVERN: 9:00-9:15 am
(485/Providence Road: on the Providence Road side in front of the restaurant)
ARBORETUM: 9:30-9:45 am
(in front of Michaels, but closer to Hand Picked)
FRESH MARKET: 10:00-10:15 am
(Stawberry Hill: farthest away from the market, but in front of it)
NEW! MYERS PARK HARRIS TEETER: 10:30 -10:45 am @Providence/Providence Rd ~ No delivery at Christ Church

Please note that if the DIVA is goin' away for 
the weekend, she'll getcha yer pies on THURSDAY
by this schedule. We'll keep ya updated on that.

Gift Wrap Options $3
Signature Red Mini Dots, Baby Girl, Baby Boy,
Hot Pink Kissy Lips, Black Toile Swirls,
Orange/Yellow Daisies, Sunflowers,
Hearts, Zebra & Christmas

The Diva and Miss Bessie are takin' some good ol' Angus beef and simmerin' it for hours in beef broth, shreddin' and addin' some chunky veggies in a creamy beef sauce with that good ol' double crust! Y'all serve this up with some good ol' mashed taters or rice with those LeSeuer peas we love so much and that's called comfort food! Don't forget we always get one last blast'a winter and this'll gitcha through it! Remember, they freeze great so have one ready to help thaw that last blast!

Because'a Beef prices, they cost a wee bit more
than the chicken pies...

Large Beef: $48, Medium 2/$72
Baby Beef: $10

We can only make 
of these each week, 
so it's first come, first served!


Hi Y'all!

It's time for some updates in the Hen House
Here's some news y'all can use!

NEW Gift-Wrapping Policy

The first update is about the Gift Wrappin' Policy...So here's the deal. If you want your pie wrapped up in that purty cellophane paper, it's gonna set ya back $3.00 per pie. (Now, a'course there's no charge for ziplocks) If you want yer baby pies wrapped...that's harder and a little tricky, so if you want them individually wrapped, that's $1 for up to two pies per package. More than 2 babies wrapped together will be jest like a big pie, $3.

NEW Delivery Locations and Charges

Now, we're not raisin' the price of the pies, but as much as she hates it, them gas prices have driven the Diva Mama to chargin' for delivery. Some things we jest can't control. Home/Office delivery is gonna run $5, but there are FREE pick-up/delivery options listed, so CLICK HERE and we hope one of these works jest fine fer y'all. So when y'all'r placin' yer pie order, don't forget to tell us how and where ya wanna git it. If none of the options work fer ya, Diva Mama's a pushover and you can call her up and work out a better plan that works for both of ya.

Diva Mama and her chicks are smokin' hot 
in the kitchen so y'all call and order yer pies ASAP!
704-843-0966 (H)
704-806-5120 (C)

Oh yeah... and feel free to share this link with ya friends!

Special Delivery!

Y'all don't forget now, 
Diva Mama's got

Mama Kitty & Diva Mama 
I guess you could say Mama & her kitten!

...two peas in a pie these two...
Deliverin' Pies and Scootin' outta town
on a lil' road trip!

"Y'all buckle up now ya hear!"

The View from Hen House!

Holler at me! I love me some Peeps!
Thanks, y'all! Ya make cookin' FUN!
Thank ya fer puttin' me on your "People to Call" List
when ya think of somethin' good to eat!

Mama Bonnie's Waldorf Salad

Now Mama Bonnie lived 'til she was 97 years young, and she ate a bunch of these pies and this salad!

1 apple (whatever kind ya got!)
1 can pineapple chunks (fresh will do, I guess!)
1/3 cup raisins (or, these days, you may only have Craisins in your pantry! They work!)
1 banana (don't slice and add 'til you're ready to serve unless you like brown bananas!)
1/3 cup pecans or walnuts (optional, if you don't like nuts mixed in your food! Mama Bonnie did!)

Here's the Dressin':
2 TBSP Mayo (or Miracle Whip if ya' have it on hand)
Splash of the pineapple juice from the can

Mix together 'til smooth, and "dress" the salad with it.
Chill awhile and serve with the pie and the peas!
A perfect combo for your palate!

What? Why sure, Y'all can "Diva" up this recipe by addin' all kiinds of exotic fruit, like blueberries and raspberries and such, but the plain ole' Mama Bonnie recipe calls for the basics..... stuff she always had on hand....just in case company dropped by at supper time! Exotic for her was addin' those mini-marshmellows every now and then! Y'all ENJOY now, ya here!?