New to the Coop!

Donna McMillan of Uncommon Threads
has made the cutest Diva Mama Aprons to
keep yer feathers from gittin' all messed up!
So go ahead and put on your finest to
flap around the kitchen, and order up an
apron with yer next pie! 

If you wanna order an apron, and they make the cutest darn gifts, you can pick BLACK, RED, WHITE or ANIMAL PRINT. (Yes, I know my white is yellow, but if I made that white, you couldn't see it, haha!) The prints will vary on the red and white depending on what Miss Donna has in stock, but they'll always be a combo of the Diva's signature colors. That sassy animal print is always in-stock and black is black. The earring bling on the Diva is too darn cute, right! We all need our jewels! Just tell the Diva when you call to git yer pie order in that you need an apron or two and she'll get it tended to.

If you wanna see what else Miss Donna is whippin' up in her coop go check her out on her WEBSITE, or your favorite social: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, or TWITTER! She's also got an ETSY shop! And y'all, she does custom stuff too, so give her a shout on Facebook for that info.

Ok, y'all keep your peepers on the lookout
for a special Pie/Apron DEAL comin' up soon!
We'll post it on this here blog when she's got it
all planned out,  so y'all come back now, ya here!
Now check out the calendars to see when things
are cookin' in the coop!

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