Hi Y'all!

It's time for some updates in the Hen House
Here's some news y'all can use!

NEW Gift-Wrapping Policy

The first update is about the Gift Wrappin' Policy...So here's the deal. If you want your pie wrapped up in that purty cellophane paper, it's gonna set ya back $3.00 per pie. (Now, a'course there's no charge for ziplocks) If you want yer baby pies wrapped...that's harder and a little tricky, so if you want them individually wrapped, that's $1 for up to two pies per package. More than 2 babies wrapped together will be jest like a big pie, $3.

NEW Delivery Locations and Charges

Now, we're not raisin' the price of the pies, but as much as she hates it, them gas prices have driven the Diva Mama to chargin' for delivery. Some things we jest can't control. Home/Office delivery is gonna run $5, but there are FREE pick-up/delivery options listed, so CLICK HERE and we hope one of these works jest fine fer y'all. So when y'all'r placin' yer pie order, don't forget to tell us how and where ya wanna git it. If none of the options work fer ya, Diva Mama's a pushover and you can call her up and work out a better plan that works for both of ya.

Diva Mama and her chicks are smokin' hot 
in the kitchen so y'all call and order yer pies ASAP!
704-843-0966 (H)
704-806-5120 (C)

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  1. Len - just want to THANK YOU so much for donating your pies to our charitable contribution campaign. No doubt I'll be bidding on these myself!

    Sarah Bird Bogner
    Eastover OB/GYN


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