The Diva and Miss Bessie are takin' some good ol' Angus beef and simmerin' it for hours in beef broth, shreddin' and addin' some chunky veggies in a creamy beef sauce with that good ol' double crust! Y'all serve this up with some good ol' mashed taters or rice with those LeSeuer peas we love so much and that's called comfort food! Don't forget we always get one last blast'a winter and this'll gitcha through it! Remember, they freeze great so have one ready to help thaw that last blast!

Because'a Beef prices, they cost a wee bit more
than the chicken pies...

Large Beef: $48, Medium 2/$72
Baby Beef: $10

We can only make 
of these each week, 
so it's first come, first served!

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