**Spring/Summer Pies**

'til Fall y'all!

Well, that's a wrap on dim Summa Pies!
Can't thank y'all enough cuz Lord knows
Diva's gonna be a dizzy-bizzy bird this
summa gettin' that baby b.e.e.
down the aisle! 

The Nerd Diva will be all computer nerdy
and put up the fall calendars when
we get around to figurin' out the
cookin' schedule after dim
post weddin' blues!

See ya in the Fall y'all!

Don't forget to write down your delivery
day cuz there's both
Thursdays and Fridays on there!

The usual #NerdNote: I still can't for the life'o me
figure out why that calendar is fuzzy when 
it's small, but y'all click on it and it won't be!
It's still not your peepers that've gone bad
and I'm too busy to figure it out!

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